What is Robot Love?



The legendary grassroots mashup of art, dance, music and tech returns for a fifth encounter. The robots emotionlessly invite humans to “mingle” and “get to know one another” inside (and outside) the newest factory, the Foosaner Art Museum, where coding protocols are underway for a 6-week spectacle for all the human senses, Jan 16 – Feb 27, 2021.

The official-ish mascot of Space Coast creativity, Robot Love brings together more than 100 artists, dancers, musicians and innovators for an opening art party, weeks of happenings, chats and interactions, plus a circuit-inspired couture fashion finale, all designed to produce the natural by-product robots crave: Love.

Robot Love 1

2009 – Robot Love

In association with the robots, a collection of sympathetic ‘creative’ human friends created Robot Love and an estimate of somewhere in the thousands of humans came to experience art, music, and love. Mind-boggling amounts of robot heart fuel were produced and, as promised, the robots did not kill or enslave any humans. The humans and robots rejoiced in their newfound symbiosis (Well, the humans rejoiced… The robots simply continued to function with soul-less efficiency).

Robot Love v.2.0

2010 – Robot Love V.2.0

The following year, the robots built a mega-factory that dwarfed anyone’s wildest imagination. Robot Love V.2.0 would go down in history as one of the largest art, music, and love extraction factories in the history of the entire universe.

2015 – Robot Love 3D

After 5 long years, the surplus supply of art, music, and love had dropped to dangerously low levels. In yet another desperate attempt to satisfy the growing demands of the robot overlords, another factory was built in a brand new dimension for Robot Love 3D! The people rejoiced, and the robots converted that joy into fuel because that was all they cared about.

2017 – Robot Love: Left/Right

After a minor thermonuclear meltdown, the factory was rebuilt in the under construction Adventure HQ, a 33,000-square foot rock climbing, cross-fit, and action sports center. The robots were able to climb to new heights with the help of the humans and their precious blood, sweat, and love.