Artist Application


Art the R0B0TS CRAVE:

1. Any subject, any medium, any size. ( Wall art must be wired and ready to hang )

2. Small works: 12″x12″ or smaller, Art must be wired and ready to hang.

3. An actual robot, 12″ tall or less. Could be Still or animated. Made of found parts/objects.

4. Prints and merch will also be welcome for the gift shop.

Art entries due November 15 midnight. Humans will be notified within 1 week
No fee to enter. Accepted artists will receive 2 passes to the show.


#ProveYouArehuman #ProveYouAreRobot

Art does not need to literally be robot themed. Your deepest quirk, passion, questions or answers explored. We robots want to extract it all.

Consider: Revisionist robot history. Pop culture mashups. Explorations of “emotions.” If robots ran the world. If humans ran the world. If robots made humans. Words. Memories. Underground space race. Propaganda. Lesser known robots. A brief history of love. Robot mixtape. Reboot. If/Then.

Art1st Appl1cat10n

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2. Title of Artwork / Dimensions (in feet) / Medium / Sale Price

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